Price & Payment Security OR Assurance


1. Register

Yes we have world class system assurance testing (password protections) done on our all our systems the including Administrator account.

No. Only one number is recognised by our USSD platform to maximise user experience.

Your Phone number, Email (for authentication) only and ERC licence details for our KYC-Know Your Customer- compliance needs.

2. Price

Dial *384*38# and follow simple Instructions

The prices are valid from 8am to 5pm Daily

The System will show you top 3 prices available to verify among those entered and on offer

3. Payment Security

The supplier is paid directly as usual into their account- their account details and contacts will be on the JIBU TICKET details and buyer is free to verify with the Seller/Supplier before payment.

All you need is to enter your Payment Ref. ID and instant alert to supplier will be sent

Yes you can by picking the cancel option at the confirm order step.

You can call us on 0704 120 120 when faced with any system difficulty or reach us on email at

If less you can always top up with the same order reference; if more please contact the supplier directly with the contacts on the ticket.

Once you enter your Payment Ref ID by following the steps on *384*38# both you and the seller/supplier will get an automated notification message and email through registered numbers and e-mail

No- there are no charges at all; FULL payment is directly to the supplier

Just the usual process as is via the bank

You contact the supplier for verification of bank details then pay as usual

4. Assurance

No, Jibu is a platform where buyers and sellers meet on their own free will

By getting the best prices in the market daily,instantly and on a very convenient platform.

It’s INSTANT market information access on your phone via USSD or on the web (internet)

You can call us on 0704120120 for any further queries or reach us on

Platforms like JIBU give you that assurance and knowledge that you have the best information to make your selling/buy decision

All your current payment payment options as usual will be available once you have your ticket.

JIBU will integrate this part in the near future for now liaise with your supplier as usual


1. Register

You get ACCESS to over 800 potential customers registered and accessing our platform.

Follow the simple steps on our website which just capture your basic KYC- Know Your Customer details as guided by ERC - Energy Regulatory Commission Requirements

Be ERC Registered either as a buyer or seller (Have a wholesale or retail licence)

There are no charges for using the platform

You can always get your report by calling us on 0704120120 or request via e-mail

You can always call us on 0704120120 or request via e-mail

2. Prices

Login into JIBU account go to products and update prices (this can be done on the web or on your phone-USSD, INSTANTLY)

Yes, after login in go to payment and you can check all transaction details

Minimum volume traded is 5,000 litres with no maximum limit

Once updated; the price offered on platform changes immediately

After getting the JIBU TICKET BOTH parties (seller and buyer) receive each other’s contact details and are free to contact each other to verify details before payment

3. Assurance

They can always call the supplier on the seller contact on the ticket or call us on 0704 120 120 or email us on