Our Story: JIBU TECH Platform was formed on the backdrop of significant challenges faced by George who was running a retail station as an independent retailer in Limuru, Kenya and faced significant challenges in supply and distribution from majorly three fronts- speed, efficiency and trust/security in the whole process of securing his product demand.

George was inspired to face the challenges head on and along with Amach and other partners developed a petroleum trading platform for the downstream segment that would address these needs and with long term view to not only structuring a product that would cater for independents but effectively serve all players in the industry in the downstream sector.

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JIBU is a locally developed and managed commodity trading platform (originally petroleum focus) that will revolutionise local trading integrating sales and customer relationships and enhancing value across selling relationships and safeguarding margins in an ever shrinking commodity trade scenario.

Supply shocks or disruptions coupled with erratic margins volatility in the retail business Inspired the founding of the business as it seeks to address the challenges faced by ALL players in the (petroleum) retail sub-sector with a trade marketing solution that captures the needs and wants of both ends of the divide (interests and needs of buyers and sellers are fully met on the JIBU TECH platform).

George Shinganya: Founder-Director- JIBU TECH Platform

George ShinganyaGeorge is a founding Director at JIBU Platform. George has over 15 years experience in the petroleum industry spanning depot operations, bulk supply, wholesale and retail sectors of the petroleum trade including transport under SGC. He has significant experience in the petroleum trade spanning over 7 countries; Kenya, DRC, Zambia, Tanzania, Mozambique, SA-South Africa and Zimbabwe.

George’s extensive knowledge of the industry around East, Central and Southern Africa has been critical in forming the foundations of JIBU as a platform borrowing best practices across the various regions.

George graduated with an IBM International Business Management degree (Marketing major) from USIU - United States International University, Kenya. Retail and Commercial sales have always fascinated George and JIBU puts George at the core of the retail trade operation with numerous possibilities on evolution of the platform to address all the challenges across the petroleum sector.

George is a father and husband; enjoys reading and travelling and loves making positive contributions in communities that he lives in and in this case JIBU TECH Platform would be one of his endeared contributions that matches his professional experiences and touching on best practices learning to close the gaps that he faced in his entrepreneurial quest as an independent retailer in the Kenyan market and spanning this solution across the region and the continent.

Amach John - Co-Founder; Chief Operations Officer- JIBU TECH Platform

Amach JohnAmach is a co-founder and COO-Chief Operations Officer of JIBU TECH Platform taking it from set-up, launch ready to live status. His commitment and drive to JIBU TECH is linked to facilitating adoption of tech in commodity trading in the last mile bringing about efficiencies in both process and value with minimal negative or disruptive impacts to existing core relationships- shared value approach between current processes and technology adoption.

Amach has over 12 years of work experience in the energy sector specifically petroleum and renewables. His oil marketing (petroleum) background is backed by career stints at Oilibya Kenya now OLA Energy, HASHI Energy (KE, TZ, DRC) and SGC Exports Tanzania. John is a graduate of Strathmore Business school-the leading business school in East and Central Africa with a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce specialised in Business Administration & Marketing and is currently pursuing a Masters degree in Strategic Management from the Strathmore Business School.

Amach’s career has spanned strategy, analytics, operations, sales and general management- specialised in areas of tax planning, supply and logistics management rising to roles of project management and later worked as General manager focussed on affiliate setups in 3 countries outside his home country of Kenya namely- Tanzania, Democratic Republic of Congo and Zambia.

Amach has worked with a cross spectrum of firms ranging from established body corporates to start-ups and established family businesses. He has also served as a Head of Sales in Tanzania leading a team of over 700-Zola Electric, being one of the 1st scaled solar companies in East and West Africa.

Amach is a husband and father of three boys who keep him busy during his spare time; He is also an avid hiker, traveller and engages with the community he lives in to solve basic problems.